Basic Set up
The inbuilt features of this kind of set up are:

  • Video will be of HD quality
  • Allows the picture and sound to be crisp and clear.
  • Builds a better connection between a teacher and the students because the students can see and hear the teacher clearly.
  • Ease and comfort of streaming or recording e-lectures from your dedicated studio.
  • Enable you to interact with your students on real time basis.
  • Requires a minimum space of 10 x 10 size with a few equipment – technologically interconnected for the purpose of streaming live interactive classes as well as recording of classes at source.
  • Seamless Streaming of high-quality video and audio learning content(s).
  • Basic Studio will become operational within twenty four working hours after setting up the studio.
  • Recommended for Single or Multi Users.
General Requirements for Setting up Basic Studio Set up

  • A properly configured Laptop with 4 GB RAM and 1 TB Hard Disc
  • A proper and uninterrupted network connection
  • A dedicated and quiet recording space of minimum 10 x 10 size
  • A sturdy desk to sit behind and record and stream lectures
Specific Requirement of Hard wares Broadcasting Software
– Such a software program

  • Helps in switching between multiple sourcess
  • Supports for audio, video, image, web browser, and graphics sources
  • Supports to pre-program scenes with multiple elements
  • Is built in with transitions, filters, and audio mixer
  • Provides studio mode and multi-view features
  • Catches images on Chroma screen
  • Supports video recording or RTMP live streaming Compressing Software – Such a software program is used to compress files of various formats reduces the size of files so that they take up about 40 percent less space on hard disk.
Specific Requirement of Hard wares

  • Logitec C-920 Web Camera – records vibrant, true to life HD video clips that capture the smallest details.
  • Boya BY – M1 mic. – is omni directional small microphone used for recording audio with low handling noise and allows for hands free operation.
  • Document Visualiser – is a high resolution web cam used to magnify and project the images of actual three dimensional objects as well as transparencies.
  • Chroma Stand – is a portable support system designed specifically for Chroma Screeb,
  • Croma Screen – helps to replace a portion of image with a new image more commonly a coloured background with a different setting.
  • Reflector Set – is required for bouncing a flash to fill light and redirecting the light for the purpose of making a better photo or replace other lighting equipment.
  • Tripod – gives much more stabilized images and provides more control over camera.
Support and Services extended by us, we will

  • Send you all the hard wares except Broadcasting and Compressing Softwares through courier immediately after receiving the order.
  • Support and guide you to set up the hard wares in your studio by a training manual or by video conferencing.
  • Install Broadcasting and Compressing softwares in your Laptop by Remote installation process
  • Provide Training Manual for your Capacity Building so as to enable you to conduct and deliver hassle free classes.
  • Offer you ‘After Sales Services’ for a period of one year from the date of installation
  • Resolve your technical issues, if any, within 24 to 48 hours of registering your complain.